YouTuber earnes over 11 million dollars from toy reviews

toy reviews

It’s no secret that YouTube is much more watched by children than the TV. This has helped many content creators to build up a fan base and the money has started to run without stopping.

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If YouTube is full of review channels for technology products, an equally important niche, with so many fans, was as if untapped. That’s until the appearance of Ryan Toys Review, a six-year-old grocery channel ranked eight in 2017’s most lucrative YouTuberi, earning more than $ 11 million in video clips. Since YouTuber has started making such reviews since 2015, growth is all the more spectacular. His earnings and the rankings he was present in were forfeited by Forbes. The YouTube account is also managed by the little family who managed to produce a fabulous amount in less than two years. But this activity will not last forever, Ryan’s mother even said. The woman claims she does not force her child to do anything she does not like and that everything will stop when the little boy gets bored playing and filming all the time. Until then, it seems that Ryan will not have too much trouble with the money .


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