Google tightens monetization rules for content creators on YouTube

monetization rules

Content creators for YouTube must meet multiple requirements before they can earn money by displaying ads. To be able to earn money from videos posted on YouTube, users need to be getting what Google calls the YouTube Partner Program. Admitting this program is a kind of recognition of the confidence in the quality of posted content. YouTube Partner Program admission rules so far are one month of channel existence and 10,000 total impressions for published videos. Those who met these conditions automatically entered the program and were able to show ads. But Google changes the rules again, making it more difficult to accept it in the monetization program.

Now, a YouTube channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and posted content must add up to 4,000 hours of view in the last year. Tightening monetization conditions should reduce situations where brand advertisements are associated with inappropriate filming or dubious messages, as was the case in the past for commercials appearing in terrorist filming. The new rules are for now admitting to the YouTube Partner Program. From February 20th, however, these conditions will apply to all members. This means that an already approved channel that does not meet the new conditions will be dropped out of the program until it reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours, respectively. Google Vice President Paul Muret says that alongside these quantitative criteria, YouTube channels will be continually evaluated on the basis of user feedback, such as spam reporting or miscellaneous forms of abuse.


Video monetization criteria – YouTube Help

You are able to provide documentation proving you own commercial rights to all audio and video content. Your content complies with YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube’s Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines. YouTube reserves the right to disable monetization for accounts that do not follow our guidelines …


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