Germany introduces fines for posts that promote hatred

social networks

The last ten years have meant for the Internet the toughest regulatory period in its history. The emergence of social networks and rules to be respected online has led to the dissipation of the notion of freedom of expression, which is no longer a surprise.


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As of  today, a law against “hate speech“, or the spread of hate in online, came into force in Germany. Even if only the official accounts of companies on social networks are targeted at first, it is not impossible to see these rules implemented for ordinary citizens as well. Under the new law, fines that can be applied to posts that do not follow Facebook or Twitter behavior can be up to 50 million euros. Even though the law was strongly criticized and accused of being against the freedom of speech, it was applied without much thought. In fact, Germany is one of the countries that have the toughest anti-discrimination laws, and one that strongly promotes the idea of ​​”political correctness,” or the right political correct language. In addition, in June this year, 36 German citizens accused of online hate propagation woke up with the police at the door because they distributed on Facebook content that does not suit the authorities, Engadget notes.

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