Facebook introduces a facial recognition tool

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Many social networking users are already starting to think twice before providing information to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as they can be used in particular to track and identify product preferences that can then be promoted to profiles personal, writes Go4it.

However, there are certain things you can not control, such as when another user is taking a photo with you. Facebook believes it has a solution for that, using its facial recognition algorithms to notify each user when a photo appears , according to Go4it.

The new Facebook feature will send a notice telling you that you may appear in a photo taken by a friend or a page you are following. This happens automatically without the uploader knowing that the notification has left without the person tagging the person. This feature will be especially useful for detecting false accounts, and users are immediately alerted when someone uses their face for a profile photo.

Of course, the technology will not get the right results all the time, and users will be able to help the algorithm improve by marking erroneous images.

 Those who do not want facial recognition technology to scan their profiles have the option to leave this program on Facebook. So, the social network will no longer send notifications for the above-mentioned cases, nor will it suggest your tagging to friends in photos.

Users in the European Union and Canada are not affected by these changes.Current laws currently prevent Facebook from providing facial recognition across these regions.

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