Chat application could be used as official identification documents

official identification documents

The Chinese government is very restrictive when it comes to chat or social networking applications. Access to Facebook or WhatsApp is strictly forbidden, and this means that the need of users has turned to social platforms authorized and regulated by the Government.

Identity documents in the United States – Wikipedia

The birth certificate is the initial identification document issued to parents shortly after the birth of their child. Birth certificates are typically issued by local governments, usually the city or county where a child is born. The birth certificate is an important record, often called a “feeder document,” because it establishes U.S. …
WeChat is China’s most popular chat application with over a billion users, and this has given thought to Chinese officials dealing with census and population registration, especially as we are talking about almost two billion of citizens. So a pilot program will begin in Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong region, where WeChat users will be able to use their accounts to identify themselves officially. However, the actions you can take with the help of the WeChat bulletin will be limited. For example, the Chinese will not be able to take credit at the bank, exclusively with the help of the app, but will be able to register a company with it. In addition, the digital bulletin will also be used to register in Internet Cafés. China’s decision in this regard is an extra step towards digitization, an extremely important one that fits into the general trend. If this idea comes to the public, it is not excluded to see it widely implemented in the near future and, why not, even in other countries.


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