Amazon shares continue to fall, amid controversy over preferential tax

preferential tax rate

Amazon shares fell by more than 4% on Monday, after US President Donald Trump again attacked the online retailer on the price of deliveries he made through the US postal system and promised unspecified changes, according to Reuters .


How are capital gains taxed? | Tax Policy Center

Note, too, that capital gains in some cases face an effective tax rates above the 23.8 percent statutory rate because of phaseouts in the tax code. Gains on art and … For most of the history of the income tax, long-term capital gains have been taxed at lower rates than ordinary income. … “Preferential Capital Gains Tax Rates.
“The American Post loses a fortune, and that will change. Also, retailers who pay taxes all close their stores across the country … are not fair conditions of competition! “ , US President Donald Trump posted on his Twitter account Monday.


White House Leader Donald Trump also launched an attack on Amazon on Thursday, saying the giant retailer “pays very little or no” local or state fees, according to the BBC.

The Amazon fell sharply in the last days of last week, generating more than $ 53 billion in losses after journalist Jonathan Swan reported that President Donald Trump had discussed in private about changing the firm’s tax treatment to help small businesses . Swan showed that these tax controversies, as well as those about unauthorized use of personal data that would be expected to hit Facebook, have actually rattled quotes.

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