A few tips from experts to create a better web page

a better web page

Addressing the great demand for information that exists in cyberspace is a task that requires creating new web pages with quality content.

Millions of users wake up every day with a voracious appetite to know what is happening in the world, what are the latest trends in fashion, what has happened with cryptocurrencies or how to lose those extra kilos.

It is an almost insatiable need for information that must be addressed in a timely manner through the design and implementation of specialized portals. It is about offering data in different formats, such as video, text or images, that manage to capture the attention of Internet users.

Achieving this connection is not an easy task, it requires dedication and effort to surf the wave of search engines, social networks, trends and preferences of those who consume the information.

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Define what is your purpose

You have to be clear that a web page is a showcase that works 24 hours a day, so you have to define, without any doubt, what the purpose of the project will be. This is the first step to know how simple or complex the portal will be to build.

Depending on the type of information that you want to share, you can choose a design according to the content. That is, if a photography professional wants to have a page to promote their work, it is best to choose a design that allows to place several galleries of images.

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In the market there are several free options to create web pages or blogs in a matter of minutes. Some of the alternatives are WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly, among many other options.

Choose the design

Once the purpose of the page has been defined, the next step to execute will be to select the design of the portal. At this point you can help the service provided by websites such as Template Monster, Wix or the same WordPress.

They are options that offer pre-established designs of excellent quality and that can be edited at all times. Choosing this modality will allow the person to save money, time and effort.

The most important thing is that the chosen design is understandable, pleasant and easy to navigate for the user. In this phase, the page must already have a navigation structure, which translates into the internal pages and the content that will be published.

Gather the information

Experts recommend that the information to be published be compiled in advance. At this point, the content must already be hierarchical with its corresponding images and videos.

One aspect that must always be considered is that related to the intellectual property of the contents. Whether it is texts, photos or multimedia elements, these must be original or have the corresponding credits from their authors.

It is also possible to use images or designs for free through numerous pages that offer this type of service. All the files and the rest of the information of the page will be stored in a server that will keep the portal online.

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On this aspect, the experts of the page tropicalserver.com, a reference company regarding WordPress hosting, point out that a quality hosting allows to improve search results in Google.

“A good hosting service must also offer high levels of security in hardware and software, to prevent third parties from intervening on a website,” the experts add. Regarding the wordpress hosting in TropicalServer, the company offers experience, security, hosting in the cloud and automatic updates, among other services oriented to WordPress.


Once the upload of the content has been completed, it will only be necessary to perform the optimization tasks, so that the page is visited by as many users as possible.

Optimizing a portal can have several fronts. The first one refers to the content; it is about choosing the best options so that what is published has the potential to generate a link to users.

Optimization can also be understood as the way to improve the loading speed of a web page. By optimizing the load the content gains speed, which favors the user’s experience when visiting any portal.