70% of social media insights are untapped by brands

Marietje Schaake @ State of Social Media Summit

Every day, 3.2 billion images are shared online! 70% of them contain a logo or a product without mentioning the mark in the accompanying text. This is potentially important information that remains invisible and therefore untapped by brands as part of a classic social media watch. Insights consumers, brand perception, ROI of sponsoring activities, early detection of crisis … so much data lost if we do not pay attention to images.

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A brand is not what it says it is. It is what consumers say. – Marty Neumeir – The Brand Cap.

And in the age of social media consumers have the opportunity to express themselves. Positive, negative, comments are legion on the web, good or bad buzz … virality can be fun, enjoyable or offensive to a brand.

We all have in mind the latest setbacks of Ryanair or United airlines, the unintentional buzz generated by Capital magazine with its photo of only male start-ups.

In these examples the brand is named, it can respond, react. But in many other cases, only its logo can identify it. If she does not have an image recognition tool, she will not know if her use is related to positive, negative feelings and situations

Make the images speak
What a transcribed image can be compared to the “unspoken” of verbal communication. You taste a dish, declare that it is delicious to be polite, but your face or your mimicry can indicate the opposite … That’s exactly what happens with a photo: you do not mention the brand but through your staging you transmit a message, create a positive or negative emotion.
Once the brand identifies those people who show sympathy for it, it only needs to maintain it. And the means are numerous: they range from thanks, to invitations to test a new product, to participate in an event …

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The ideas for engaging more of these sincere fans are not lacking, it just takes a little creativity and know how to “listen” to the Net surfers beyond words.